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At Earthflora, Your Vision is our Mission. As the top Leader in the trade, Our Company promises to deliver only top quality alternative foliages inside & out. We custom make jobs to fit your needs. We won't be beat, if you find a better quote or price we will beat it guaranteed!

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The Benefits of Arificial Plants & Trees Most of our trees are made from dead wood that is wood no longer living , instead of it being shredded up and used for paper we found a more constructive way to use it. The branches are silk , that is plastic stem with polyester leaves , the same type of polyester made out of clothes. Christmas trees are made out of Steel core (homes, cars, airplanes etc are made from steel) and pvc (poly vinyl chloride). Plastic is petroleum based and getting very expensive as may already know...our cars run on gas and our homes need gas for heat. I of course am a big fan of artificial especially when " natural " "live" lanscaping will not grow, molds, attracts insects and rodents. Nature is favorable but we have found many citzens over in Arizona can not grow grass because water is scarce and the heat does not allow for grass the grow. They come to us for synthetic grass. Some people just can not keep plants alive due to unfavorable environmental conditions, that is where we come in. I believe in our business and see it as an art rather than a burden on our environment. Our sources of materials can be found in the very car you and I drive and the very home you live in. If you were to ban artifical you might as well ban the car you drive and the home you live in. Furniture, carpets, dry wall etc etc... all contain materials not favorable to the environment. News flash: Live Christmas Trees Can Trigger Mold Allergies Related Health News By Juhie Bhatia HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, Nov. 16 (HealthDay News) -- While bringing home a live Christmas tree marks the beginning of the holiday season for many, the mold that thrives on its branches can trigger weeks of suffering for some, a new study shows. Connecticut researchers have found that the mold count from a live Christmas tree rose to five times the normal level two weeks after the tree was brought indoors, and that can prove problematic for people with mold allergies. Their research was presented this week at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology annual meeting, in Dallas. "Christmas trees are another possible source of mold exposure during the holiday season," said study co-author Philip Hemmers, an allergist and immunologist with St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn. "Mold allergies peak in the fall, and we see a second peak with a lot of our mold-sensitive patients during the holiday season. Our finding correlates with this second peak of mold sensitivity." The researchers studied the mold growth of a live Christmas tree in a house in Connecticut. Mold reproduce by releasing spores into the air, so after the live Christmas tree was brought inside the house and decorated, the researchers measured mold spore counts. These counts were taken 12 times over a two-week period between Dec. 24 and Jan. 6. The researchers did not assess the types of mold or whether these molds triggered allergic symptoms in people living in the house. The study found that the mold spore count was 800 spores per square meter (m3) for the first three days. Normal spore counts are less than 1,000 spores/m3, said Hemmers. However, the spore count rose after day four, reaching a maximum of 5,000 spores/m3 by day 14. "This mold spore count is five times above normal. These high levels have been correlated with allergic rhinitis and an increased rate of asthma symptoms and asthma-related hospitalization in other studies," said Hemmers. "So if you don't feel well during the holidays, consider the Christmas tree as a possible source of allergies." Hemmers recommended that people with mold sensitivity keep a live Christmas tree in the house for only four to seven days. An artificial tree may be a better option for people with mold allergies, he added, but they carry their own set of problems, especially if they've been stored in the attic or basement where they can collect dust and mold. Although Christmas trees are not a problem for most people with allergies, said Dr. David Khan, an associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, there are things you can do to minimize their impact. "If one is mold-allergic, running an air cleaner in the same room as the tree could theoretically reduce the mold exposure, but this has not been studied," he said. "For some people who are sensitive to odors, the aroma from the tree, which most people like, could irritate their nose and cause symptoms. For these people, avoiding live trees may be best." Before people start avoiding live Christmas trees because of their mold growth, more research needs to be done, said Dr. Dennis Ownby, a professor of pediatrics and medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, in Augusta. Since this study only looked at a single tree in one home, more homes with trees should be investigated, as well as the types of mold found and whether those molds trigger allergies. He added that the researchers should also measure mold counts outside the home and correlate those to indoor mold counts. Hemmers said that the outdoor mold count was likely low, since the study was done during the winter. The research team does plan to do further work this Christmas season by looking at more homes and the types of mold found. In addition to Christmas trees, there are other potential holiday allergens, said Dr. James Sublett, section chief of Pediatric Allergy at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky. These can include foods consumed at holiday parties, such as nuts and shellfish, and Christmas ornaments and lights that have been contaminated with dust or mold. "Store Christmas decorations in plastic containers that you can wipe off, since cardboard can potentially have mold," he advised. "Also wear a N95 dust mask when bringing stuff out of storage." More information For more on holiday allergies, visit the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Written and copyrighted

A-1023 36" Polyblend Bougainvillea Bush - 174 Leaves - 18 Flower Clusters - 19" Width - Wine/Red
Price: $ 44.90
A-1020 36" Polyblend Bougainvillea Bush - 174 Leaves - 18 Flower Clusters - 19" Width - Fuchsia
Price: $ 44.90
A-1022 36" Polyblend Bougainvillea Bush - 174 Leaves - 18 Flower Clusters - 19" Width - Lavender/Fuchsia Mix
Price: $ 44.90

Celebrate the season in style. Bring cozy and welcoming ,comfort, exceptional beauty, authentically styled Life-like Trees to your Home or Office. Look no further for the & hottest new styles, rich with graceful craftsmanship. As a market leader , with glowing recommendations you can count on our durability advantage. We back our trees for as long as you own them. Easy to install, worry free, and delivered right to your doorstep, our Artificial Trees are made to simplify your life for years to come. Beautifully tailored , subtly detailed our Trees were invented just for you. When you invest in Earthflora you are guaranteed products, service , and more beyond your expectations because your vision is our mission. We won't be undersold! if you spot a lower price on the internet we will gladly beat that price. We Will Not Be Undersold! We will gladly honor any other offer on the internet. We offer discounts on volume orders. Improve Your mood & enhance your space Instantly with our huge selections of artificial trees & palm trees . Our exquisite line will transform & rejuvenate any room where live plants & trees won't grow. We offer once live replicas for ultimate realism. Reinvent your living space today. Guaranteed to uplift and enhance your home or office for years to come. Celebrate the Seasons in Style with Earthflora's fine selection of home & business decor accents that will welcome and warm your guests all season long. Celebrate the season! Reinventing your living space just became easier with Earthflora's designer artificial trees, artificial palm trees, artificial topiaries, artificial cactus and artificial plants. We will gladly offer discounts off any other offer. We offer wholesale and discount volume orders. See our best quality & price guarantee *Custom Quotes: If you do not see something you are looking for please email us with a description. We custom build trees, palms, and topiaries please feel free to email us or call us Toll Free: (877)252-1675 for a quote. See our branch section for the branches we can use to custom build your tree. Include the height and width desired. Don't forget to mention your shipping destination zip code for a freight rate. Thank you for visiting! We are continually adding new and exciting products that will enhance and improve both your interior & exterior world.


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