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•Explain types of lights Earthflora Carries?

Earthflora’s Prelit Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garlands consist of standard Mini Clear Lights
or Multi-Colored Lights, Clear Always-Lit Lights, or Warm-White LED Lights, and Battery Operated Lights. 50 Count LED light strands are also available for purchase.

•What should I do if my Christmas Tree has a strand of lights out?

Know what type of lights are on your tree. If they are regular, standard mini-lights then follow up by:
1. Check the cord of your Christmas tree to make sure its plugged in properly. Also if you have a tree with multiple sections, check that each section is plugged into the next section correctly.

2. Look at the strand of lights that our out. Check each bulb to make sure its not loose, broken or black colored. Many lights will not operate properly if even one bulb is loose.

3. Tighten any loose bulbs. Copper wire outside the bulb should be aligned with the metal part. Check to make sure it is intact. The bulb should fit securely in the recepticle. If the bulb does not hit the metal wiring on one or both sides inside the sock it will not light properly. DO NOT PULL ON OR STRETCH THE ELECTRICAL CORD OR IT CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO THE INSIDE WIRES. LIKE ANY ELECTRICAL CORD, HANDLE WITH CARE!! READ SET UP INSTRUCTIONS.

4. Replace any bulbs that are damaged or don't look like the others. Replacement bulbs and fuses are included with tree purchase.

5. After inspecting the bulbs, replace the fuse in the plug outlet area. A blown out fuse is hard to detect until you open the case and look at it. Most strands come with two fuses.

6. Refer to our light tester to find the individual bulb that is burnt out. Follow the instructions on the light tester. The tester will help locate the faulty bulb.

•What kind of power does the Christmas Tree use?

Christmas trees are sold in the USA use 120V. Each regular mini-light bulb is 2.5v. or .0034 amp/bulb with a standard mini light. LED lights use .0004 amps/bulb.

Do you sell replacement lights?

Earthflora now carries 50 strand LED T5 bulbs and 50 strand regular clear mini bulbs.

What does full wave mean?

Full wave refers to current flowing 100% in an AC Cycle. LED Christmas lights
are considered “full wave or fully rectified” with less flickering of the light.
Although it’s still flickering, it can only be seen with the naked eye.