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DIY Potting Instructions

Potting Kit Instructions

Step 1

Materials For Recipe:

1 – Paper Mache Container (SIZES VARY)
1 – Bag of Plaster
Water (approx C to 1 Cups)
1 Stirring Stick
1– Earthflora Plant or Tree

Step 2

Pour Plaster into Paper Mache Container.

Step 3

Slowly stir in water. PLEASE NOTE: The amount of water varies with amount of plaster. If too much water is added, plaster will just take longer to thicken.

Step 4

Continue stirring approx. up to 1 minute or until mixture thickens.

Step 5

Set your plant stem into thick mixture. Hold plant steady for about 5 minutes or until plaster mixture hardens.

Step 6

Shape your plant or tree to create your desired look.


If you are placing your plant into a Decorative Pot, you may cut the extra or unused material of the paper mache container (See picture). This will install easily into a fitted sized pot and will give your planter base a cleaner, more finished look.