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Pre-lit Artificial Flocked Christmas Trees

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Items: 112 of 194

Earthflora's Pre-lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees. Celebrate the Holiday Season in Style. Earthflora's snowy decorative artificial Christmas Trees will surely bring you a white dreamy Christmas.

Decorating pre-lit artificial flocked trees adds a touch of winter magic and a snowy appearance to your holiday decor. Here's how you can decorate a pre-lit artificial flocked tree:

Assess the Tree: Start by inspecting the pre-lit artificial flocked tree >to ensure all the lights are working correctly. Check for any burnt-out bulbs or damaged wires and replace them if necessary.

Fluff the Branches: Gently fluff and shape the branches of the tree to give it a full and natural look. Separate and spread out the branches, paying attention to the areas that may have been compressed during storage or shipping. This step helps to create a beautiful backdrop for your decorations.

Choose a Color Palette: Decide on a color palette or theme for your tree. Traditional colors like red and green, icy blues and silver, or a rustic woodland theme can work well with a flocked tree. Consider coordinating the color scheme with your existing holiday decor.

Start with the Tree Topper: Begin decorating your pre-lit flocked tree by placing the tree topper at the very top. This could be a star, an angel, a bow, or any other decorative item that complements your chosen theme. Make sure it is securely positioned.

Hang Ornaments: Start hanging ornaments on the tree, starting from the top and working your way down. Place larger or more prominent ornaments first, evenly distributing them throughout the tree. Fill in the gaps with smaller ornaments. Use a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures to add visual interest. Consider mixing different types of ornaments, such as glass balls, figurines, ribbons, and snowflakes, to create a dynamic display.

Add Garland or Ribbon: Wrap garland or ribbon around the tree, either in a spiral or a cascading fashion. This helps to add depth and texture to the overall look. Choose garlands or ribbons that complement your color scheme and theme. Consider using shimmering or metallic options to enhance the snowy effect of the flocked branches.

Incorporate Floral Picks and Sprays: Add floral picks and sprays to the tree to bring a natural and festive touch. Choose picks with berries, pinecones, or artificial snow to enhance the wintery look. Insert them into the branches, ensuring they are evenly distributed.

Consider Flocked Ornaments: To complement the flocked branches, you can choose ornaments with a flocked or snow-covered appearance. These ornaments will blend seamlessly with the tree and enhance the snowy effect.

Evaluate Lighting Placement: Take a step back and evaluate the lighting placement on your pre-lit flocked tree. Ensure the lights are evenly distributed, and adjust any areas that may need more illumination. The flocked branches can create a beautiful glow, so consider how the lights interact with the flocking.

Tree Skirt and Final Touches: Place a tree skirt around the base of the tree to cover the stand and complete the look. Choose a skirt that matches your theme or complements the color scheme. Consider adding additional accents, such as faux snow, pinecones, or small decorative items around the base of the tree to add extra charm.

Once you have finished decorating, step back and admire your pre-lit artificial flocked tree. Adjust any ornaments or decorations as needed to achieve the desired balance and visual appeal. Enjoy the enchanting winter wonderland atmosphere created by your decorated tree!