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Flocked Colored Artificial Christmas Trees

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Items: 112 of 49

Celebrate the Holiday Season in style with Earthflora's select Flocked Color Artificial Christmas Trees. Liven up your living quarters with color!

Decorating with flocked colored artificial Christmas trees can create a unique and enchanting display. Here's how you can decorate a flocked colored artificial Christmas tree:

Fluff and Shape the Tree: Start by fluffing and shaping the branches of your flocked colored artificial Christmas tree. Gently separate and arrange the branches to create a full and natural look. Take your time to ensure that the tree looks lush and well-balanced.

Choose a Color Palette: Determine the color palette you want to work with for your flocked colored tree. Common options include white, silver, blue, pink, and even more unique colors like purple or black. Consider the mood and ambiance you want to create and choose ornaments and decorations that complement the tree's color.

Coordinating Decorations: Select ornaments, garlands, ribbons, and tree toppers that coordinate with the color of the flocked tree. Choose decorations that match or enhance the color scheme. For example, if you have a blue flocked tree, you might opt for silver and white ornaments, snowflake accents, and blue ribbons.

Complementary Colors: Consider adding complementary colors to create contrast and visual interest. For instance, if you have a pink flocked tree, you could incorporate accents of gold or silver for a glamorous touch. Use these complementary colors sparingly to ensure they enhance the flocked tree's focal point.

Lights Placement(If not Pre-Lit): Evaluate the lighting placement on your flocked colored tree. White or clear lights are versatile and work well with any color scheme, providing a classic and timeless look. However, you can also use colored lights that match or complement the color of the tree for a more vibrant and cohesive display.

Tree Topper: Place a tree topper that complements the color scheme and theme of the flocked tree. Options include stars, angels, bows, or other decorative toppers. Ensure the topper is securely positioned at the top of the tree.

Garland or Ribbon: Wrap garlands or ribbons around the flocked tree to add depth and texture. Use garlands or ribbons in colors that complement the tree's color or add a contrasting element. Consider using metallic or shimmering options to enhance the snowy effect of the flocked branches.

Unique Ornaments: Incorporate unique ornaments that stand out against the flocked branches. These could include ornaments with a matte or metallic finish, sparkling accents, or ornaments in shapes that complement the theme. Mix and match sizes, shapes, and textures to create visual interest.

Floral Picks and Sprays: Add floral picks and sprays to the flocked tree to bring a natural and festive touch. Choose picks with berries, pinecones, artificial snow, or flowers in colors that complement or contrast with the tree's color. Insert them into the branches, ensuring they are evenly distributed.

Evaluate and Adjust: Step back and evaluate the overall appearance of your decorated flocked colored Christmas tree. Make any necessary adjustments to the ornament placement, garlands, lights, or decorations to ensure a balanced and visually appealing display.

Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, take a moment to appreciate the enchanting beauty of your flocked colored artificial Christmas tree. It will surely bring a touch of magic and wonder to your holiday decor.