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Exquisite Decor Artificial Topiaries

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Items: 112 of 75

Embellish your entry ways with our elegant line of faux topiaries. We have selections for both indoor and outdoor use. From preserved, silk, U.V. Stabalized plastic for outdoor use. Don't settle for cheap imitations we use only the highest quality grade materials to create our reflections of nature.

Decorating with Exquisite Decor artificial topiaries can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Here's how you can decorate with these beautiful artificial topiaries:

Select the Right Size and Style:

Choose Exquisite Decor artificial topiaries that match the scale and style of your space. Consider the available space and the overall theme of your decor.
Indoor Display:

Place artificial topiaries in your living room, foyer, or any indoor space that needs a touch of greenery. They can serve as stylish accents on console tables, mantels, or as a centerpiece on a dining table.

Outdoor Entryway Decor:

Decorate your outdoor entryway with artificial topiaries placed on either side of the door. This creates an inviting and elegant entrance to your home.

Patio or Balcony Enhancement:

Use artificial topiaries to liven up your outdoor living spaces like patios or balconies. Place them in decorative pots or planters to create a chic outdoor oasis.

Define Pathways or Walkways:
Line artificial topiaries along pathways or walkways in your garden or backyard. This adds structure and a touch of sophistication to your outdoor landscape.

Topiary Garden Display:
Create a topiary garden display using various Exquisite Decor artificial topiaries. Arrange them in different shapes and sizes to form an artistic and eye-catching arrangement.

Seasonal Accents:
Adapt your topiary decorations to the seasons. For example, you can add lights or ornaments during the holiday season or flowers for a springtime touch.

Indoor Event or Party Decor:
Incorporate artificial topiaries as part of the decor for indoor events or parties. They can be used as elegant centerpieces or to accentuate specific areas of the venue.

Wedding Decorations:
Use artificial topiaries as part of your wedding decorations. They can serve as beautiful aisle markers, centerpiece alternatives, or decorative elements for the reception.

Year-Round Elegance:
Since artificial topiaries are low-maintenance, you can enjoy their beauty year-round. Keep them as permanent fixtures in your home or outdoor spaces to add a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Remember to clean the Exquisite Decor artificial topiaries regularly to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. Additionally, make sure they are properly secured, especially if used outdoors or in areas with foot traffic. 

Artificial topiaries offer a stylish and long-lasting way to incorporate greenery into your decor without the need for constant upkeep.