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Artificial Boxwood Collection

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Artificial Boxwood Collection

Looking for Artificial Boxwood Shrubs & Topiaries for Landscaping & Decor? 

Transform your yard, home, or office with faux boxwood bushes, trees, & hedges!

Wish you could have a beautifully manicured yard but don't want to hire a landscaper? Looking for instant privacy but want something more subtle than a fence? Then our wide selection of artificial boxwood topiaries, shrubs, and hedges may be just what you need to take your front yard display or backyard escape to the next level.

Made of artfully crafted, durable plastic materials, each of our artificial boxwoods are realistic looking and designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Pick from our wide array of ball,spiral, and square topiary trees and shrubs to transform any space into an artistic display. Or customize your own boxwood screen, fence, or hedge for instant privacy with air of class.

Add style and class to your home or yard with artificial boxwood shrubs and topiaries from Earthflora.com today! Call us (877)252-1675 or (440)899-4947. sales@earthflora.com.