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Items: 112 of 169

Decorative Display Artificial Christmas Trees and Artificial Christmas Alpine Trees. Choose from only the seasons best selection of Alpine and decorative Holiday Trees from our family to yours.

Decorating with display trees and alpine trees can add charm and character to your space. Here are some tips to help you decorate with these types of trees:

Choose the Right Location: Decide where you want to place the display tree or alpine tree. Consider areas such as corners, foyers, entryways, or empty spaces that need a decorative focal point. Ensure that the location allows for easy visibility and doesn't obstruct the flow of foot traffic.

Determine the Theme: Decide on a theme or color scheme for your tree decoration. This could be traditional, rustic, modern, whimsical, or any other style that suits your taste. Choosing a theme will help guide your choice of ornaments and accessories.

Start with Lights: Begin by stringing lights on the display tree or alpine tree. Wrap the lights around the branches, ensuring they are evenly distributed. Opt for LED lights for their energy efficiency and a choice between steady glow or twinkling effects.

Add Garland or Ribbon: Enhance the tree's appearance by adding garlands or ribbons. Wrap garlands made of faux greenery, beads, or tinsel around the branches. Alternatively, use ribbons in complementary colors or patterns to create a festive look.

Hang Ornaments: Hang ornaments on the tree branches. Choose ornaments that match your theme or color scheme. Consider a mix of different sizes, shapes, and textures to add visual interest. Hang larger and heavier ornaments closer to the trunk and lighter ones toward the outer branches.

Personalize with Keepsakes: Incorporate sentimental family keepsakes to make the tree more personal. These could be handmade ornaments, ornaments collected from past travels, or ones that hold special meaning for your family.

Include Tree Toppers: Crown the display tree or alpine tree with a tree topper. This could be a traditional star or angel, a unique decorative object, or a themed topper that complements your overall decor style.

Accentuate with Picks and Sprays: Add extra flair to the tree by inserting decorative picks and sprays between the branches. These can include faux berries, pinecones, flowers, feathers, or other seasonal elements. Spread them out evenly to create a balanced look.

Incorporate Tree Skirts or Bases: Complete the tree's presentation by placing a tree skirt or base around the bottom. Choose one that matches your theme or color scheme. Tree skirts can be traditional fabric ones, faux fur, or even a decorative basket.

Consider Additional Decorations: Surround the display tree or alpine tree with complementary decorations. Place wrapped gifts, figurines, or other holiday accents at the base of the tree. Coordinate these decorations with the tree's theme and colors.

Adjust and Rearrange: Step back and assess the overall look of the tree. Make any necessary adjustments, such as rearranging ornaments or tweaking the positioning of decorations. Ensure the tree is balanced and visually appealing from all angles.

Coordinate with Surrounding Decor: Ensure that the display tree or alpine tree coordinates with the rest of your holiday decor. Consider the colors, style, and theme of your existing decorations and incorporate elements that tie everything together for a cohesive look.

Remember to follow any manufacturer's instructions for setting up and decorating your display tree or alpine tree. Take safety precautions and secure the tree properly to prevent tipping or instability. Enjoy the festive charm and the centerpiece that these trees bring to your space.