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Artificial Fruits Vegetables Herbs

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Artificial Fruits Vegetables Herbs

Along with our artificial indoor plants we also offer artificial fruits and vegetables for restaurant displays, theatrical props, and kitchen arrangements. These are just a few ways to use our highly authentic looking artificial indoor plants. Call us (877)252-1675 or (440)899-4947. sales@earthflora.com.

Decorating with artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs can add a touch of freshness and natural beauty to your home decor or event settings. Whether you want to create a charming farmhouse ambiance or a bountiful harvest theme, artificial produce and herbs offer versatility and longevity. Here are some ideas on how to decorate with artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs:

Kitchen Decor:
 artificial fruits and vegetables in a decorative bowl or on a fruit basket on your kitchen countertop or dining table. This adds a pop of color and a sense of abundance to your culinary space.

Create vibrant and long-lasting centerpieces by combining 
artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs with flowers or greenery. Place them in a decorative vase or basket for a rustic and charming touch.

Farmhouse Style:
artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your farmhouse-style decor. Place them in vintage crates, pitchers, or woven baskets for an authentic farmhouse look.

Harvest or Fall Decor:
artificial pumpkins, apples, corn, and herbs to create a harvest-themed display for the fall season. Add autumn leaves and twigs for a complete seasonal look.

Table Settings:
Enhance your table settings for special occasions or gatherings by using artificial produce and herbs as place card holders or napkin rings.

Herb Garden:
Create an indoor herb garden with artificial herbs. Place them in pots or hanging baskets in your kitchen for a fresh and functional decoration.

Faux Fruit Trees:
Decorate with 
artificial fruit trees, such as lemon or orange trees, for a Mediterranean-inspired vibe. These trees can be placed in large pots and used as statement pieces in your decor.

Farm-to-Table Events:
artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs as part of your farm-to-table event decor. They can be incorporated into tablescapes, centerpieces, and buffet displays.

Fruit-Filled Bowls:
Fill decorative bowls with artificial fruits, such as lemons, limes, or grapes, and use them as attractive and long-lasting decor pieces.

Year-Round Beauty:
 artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs do not spoil, you can enjoy their beauty year-round as a permanent fixture in your decor.

Ensure that the artificial produce and herbs are placed realistically and creatively in their respective settings. Regularly clean them to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Artificial fruits, vegetables, and herbs offer a delightful and enduring way to bring the essence of nature into your decor. With their realistic appearance, you can create beautiful and nature-inspired arrangements that add freshness and charm to any space or event.